Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Scotland - Our School Garden Today!

In Scotland there has been a lot of snow. Today the school was closed, but the staff were in!
Merry Christmas to all our Partners.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Climate Change - Thailand

1. School garden
By growing our own food we can reduce our carbon footprint, a major cause of climate change, by reducing the amount of transportation (using less oil and producing fewer emissions) that it takes to get food onto our plate.
Allows us to conduct hands-on investigations and explore questions such as: How do plants grow? What do they need to stay healthy? How does pollination work, and who are the pollinators? What kind of insects are needed (or not) for a healthy garden? What is the difference between fruits and vegetables and where do they come from?
Allows us to grow healthy food for the school lunches or hungry people in the area.

Rebuild the old and unused school garden.
Plant different types of flowers, vegetables or fruits
Observe and document the growth of different plants and the development of the whole garden
At the end of the semester, analyze: What plants have grown most successfully? What do plants need to prosper? What does have to be improved or changed?

2. Planting trees
Planting trees helps mitigate climate changes because trees sequester carbon, a major cause of climate change.

Attempt to grow different types of trees from the seeds and observe and document their growth
Plant one tree per each student either around the school or at student home
Join the United Nations' Billion Tree Campaign and report the results

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Orto in Vondotta - pacciamatura/Sicily

This is a drawing and a description of the "pacciamatura".

Our diary of "Orto in Vondotta"